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How to Make a Candle Holder
Out of a Wine Glass

Can I burn a candle in a wine glass? Yes, you can. Centerpieces with wine glasses and candles make stunning table decorations. Make sure the candle stands firmly in the centre of the glass. Stabilize thin taper and dinner candles in a layer of sand and/or sea shells, or in a bed of glass or natural pebbles. Extinguish the candle before it burns all the way down. Flameless candles make safe alternatives.

Wine goblets hold ball and egg-shaped candles with festive flair...narrower champagne flutes make stylish holders for long tapers...upside down wine glasses can be turned into unusual candle stands. Exercise your diy skills: decorate the graceful stems with ribbons, flowers, and other ornaments.

Use the creative ideas below as inspiration, to make your own sparkling wine cup centerpieces.

You'll hire wine glasses in large quantities for weddings and your special events anyway. So, you can create exciting candleholders, with the stemware already at your disposal.

Do-it-Yourself Wine Glass Candle Holders:

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Vellum wine glass shades for candles Vellum Wine Glass Shades for Candles

Create jewel-coloured light effects, on your event tables. You can put these adjustable shades - with swirl print patterns - around wine or champagne glasses.

This set comes with one wrap-around vellum lampshade and one reusable floralyte colour changing LED light. You can also get the tea light colours in a vivid purple, white, blue, red, green and pink. The wineglasses and rhinestones are NOT included.
12-piece set wine glass candle lamp shades Wine Glass Lamp Shades Decorated with Swirls & Rhinestones - Pack of 12

Transform ordinary wine glasses into dazzling table lamp centerpieces. Tea light lamps - shaded with swirl-patterned vellum - add a jewel-like sparkle to your holiday tabletops.

The set includes 12 adjustable lampshades. Using different size glasses? The shades come with two rows of tabs. You can fit them onto wider wine goblets, or narrower champagne glasses. Each shade comes with 24 self-adhesive rhinestones. These aren't already attached; you'll have to stick them on, with your own nimble fingers.

Only for use with LED tealights. So, you're free to display these at all venues, even where flame free restrictions apply.

Free Shipping.

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Floating candles in wine glasses Simple, easy and supremely elegant...float a candle in a wine glass, and enjoy the magical effect of candlelight playing through water and the transparency of the glass.

Line up a row of floating candle wine glass centerpieces down the centre of a long one at each place setting...or group three different sized glasses, (one taller and one shorter than the third), together in the middle of a round table.
Votive and wine glass tea light candlestick Create makeshift candlesticks with votive cups and wine glasses. Attach a votive glasses to an overturned wineglass with a dab of Presstik. (Glue the two pieces together with epoxy glue for a more permanent arrangement).

We decorated the stem with transparent pink, and white pearl, beads: thread beads onto sturdy crochet cotton, using a thin embroidery needle. Tie the beads around the glass's stem.

Stick a tea light into the votive glass. Tea lights decorated with glitter give a nice sparkle.
rose and carnation arrangements in wine glasses with pink candles Make a Flower and Candle Centerpiece in a Wine Glass

Make simple floral arrangements in wine glasses without florists' foam. Simply arrange short-stemmed flowers around a pillar candle in a shallow, wider glass. Or stick longer-stemmed flowers around a taper in a taller, narrower glass.

We used roses and carnations. Have fun experimenting with your favourite flowers!

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Pansy arrangement in upside down wineglass, with yellow ball candle on top Miniature flower arrangements, in upside down wineglass candleholders, make unusual centrepieces for weddings, bridal showers, and many more special occasions.

We used cheerful pansy faces, but you can use any small flowers or buds.

A ball, (or small pillar candle), on the foot of the glass, completes the arrangement.

Read the full instructions.
Centerpiece with up-side down wine glass, candle, flowers and ribbon The graceful stems of wineglasses present you with unique opportunities to decorate.

Turn wine glasses over, tie fresh flowers to the stems with ribbons, stick candles on top, and you have pretty floral centerpieces, adding notes of grace, and elegance, to your wedding, or bridal shower tables.

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Upside down wine glass candle centerpiece Inverted wine glasses, filled with glass nuggets, marbles, or beads, form dazzling candlesticks, with the base, (now on top), holding the candle.

You'll need: a wine glass; a candle; glass nuggets; a mirror tile or circular pane of glass, slightly wider than the rim of the wine glass.

Fill the wine glass with nuggets. Place a mirror tile, or glass pane, over the glass's opening. Turn it over carefully, and place it on your table. Place the candle on the base of the glass. Decorate your table with more nuggets, ribbons or serviettes of matching colors.
Centerpiece with tapers in champagne glasses Champagne glasses of the same types or designs, but of different heights, make a dramatic centerpiece, when grouped closely together in the center of a table, and with a taper candle in each one.

You'll need: 3 champagne glasses; taper candles; coarse bath crystals or florists' gel, (to stabilize the candles).

Arrange the glasses in a circular shape. Pour crystals or florists' gel into each glass. Wedge the tapers firmly into the crystals, until they stand firmly and securely upright, by themselves.
Sugar frosted wine glasses with candles Wine glasses rimmed with sugar, and filled with candles, make ideal party centerpieces. Use coloured sugar for birthdays, coconut for the snowy effect of a "white Christmas", coffee granules for rich, earth-toned colour schemes. Milk, lemon juice, or any other sticky liquids adhere the granules to the edge of the glass.

You'll need: wine glasses; sugar; milk; candles.

Pour milk into a shallow dish. Dip the wine glass's rim into the milk. Pour sugar into another plate. Dip and rub the glass into the sugar until well coated. Leave to dry. Place a candle into each glass.

Tip for making coloured sugar: Pour sugar into a container. Drip drops of food colouring into the sugar. Stir well with a fork. Leave to dry for several hours. Mash through with the fork to eliminate lumps. Ready to use!
Wine glasses decorated with lime napkins and silver ribbons Decorate Wine Glasses with Paper Napkins and Ribbons

Wine glasses, decorated with napkins and ribbons, make festive pillar or ball candle centerpieces.

Use colorful paper napkins for birthdays, or informal parties. High-quality fabric or cloth napkins add a touch of distinction to weddings, or formal celebrations.

Read the full instructions.
wine glass centerpiece with tapers and floating flowers You'll need:

2 white tapers
Crystals or florists's gel
An oval glass dish
2 wine glasses
Flowers and leaves (we used a pink rose, white carnation, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, and deep blue pansies)
Glass nuggets

Place the 2 glasses in the oval dish. Pour crystals into the glasses. Wedge the candles in firmly. Layer the bottom of the dish with glass nuggets. Pour water into the dish, up to the stems of the glasses. Arrange flowers and leaves in the water under the candle glasses.
Centerpiece with wine glasses and tea lights Turn wine glasses into dazzling candle globes. The refractive qualities of pressed glass, cut glass and crystal, with deeply-etched designs, cast shimmering patterns of candlelight onto your surroundings. Use LED tea lights for fragile glass pieces.

Group these decorative wineglasses together on a shiny round metal tray; display them in a row on a long mirror tile, (or line up 3 or 4 square mirror tiles); place a white cloth underneath a pane of glass, with an arrangement of wine glass candleholders on top. Use glasses of different shapes and sizes, with the same or similar designs. Place a tea light in each one, and you have a stunning display of wine glasses transformed into hurricane candle holders.

This effect is spectacularly beautiful, but can look quite cold, (despite the glowing candlelight). Surround the glasses with flowers, beads, ribbons, or whichever decorations you fancy. Colourful flowers, particularly, bring this type of centerpiece to life.

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