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Adorn your Festive Candlesticks with a Feast of Fruits and Berries

Transform rustic candlesticks into authentic country-style centerpieces. Rings with fruit and berries impart an air of seasonal abundance, to your favorite candles.

Wondering how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Or how to decorate your house after Christmas is over? Create vivid winter tablescapes with rings of glossy or frosted berries. Create icy winter wonderlands, with snow frosted fruits.

Large pillar wreaths - bearing a harvest of faux fruit, autumn berries and maple leaves - create a festival of fall color on any autumn table.

Ideas for Berry and Fruit Candlestick Rings:

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(paid link) 3" Beaded Berry Taper Candle Ring - by The Sea

Give your candle decor an oceanic flavor. Savor the sea with this ring of aquamarine and sea-green beads interspersed with sea shells.

The ring measures 3 inches in diameter, and adds a touch of the beach to your favorite taper candle. A great decor piece for your holiday home, or indulge yourself in a bit of seaside nostalgia, in your home in the city.

French bouquet beaded candle ring

(paid link) French Bouquet Beaded Candle Ring

Surround a 3-inch candle, with a beaded French bouquet. Clusters of pale pink, aqua, olive green and burgundy beads cover a durable country-style wreath.

Altogether a delicious decoration for a small space, with a plain ivory, or candle of matching color, in the center.

Spring crystal look candle ring with pearlized berries

(paid link) Spring Crystal Look Candle Ring with Pearlized Berries

Give your favorite pillar candle a jewel-like look of spring. The 6-inch wreath gleams with an assortment of glass coated pearlized beads with faceted pink, yellow, green, blue and clear beads.

Size: The 3.75-inch center makes the ideal fit for a standard size pillar candle.

Spring beads candle ring - Cherry blossoms

(paid link) Spring Beads Candle Ring - Cherry Blossom

Spring's fleeting...the cherry blossoms flower briefly and then fade away, at season's end...unlike this durable wreath, which lasts forevermore, and enchants, year after year.

This 3-inch candle ring - in all the shades of the cherry blossom tree - fits a 1 inch tapered candle, to perfection.

Small beaded candle ring - Lemonade

(paid link) Small Beaded Candle Ring - Lemonade

Bring an invigorating taste of summer to your thin taper candles. This mini candle ring brims with beads, the color of a refreshing beaker of lemonade.

This wreath makes the ideal fit for a 1" candle.

Robin's nest taper candle berry ring

(paid link) Robin's Nest Taper Candle Berry Ring

While the robin gathers bits and pieces for his nest, you can welcome spring, and the changing of the seasons with a bead candle ring.

Plump green and brown berries, interspersed with pale blue and ivory pips, and bits of greenery, make a charming home for a 1" candle.


(paid link) Fall Harvest Themed Pillar Candle Ring

Bring the harvest home...a wreath, filled with gourds, berries and fall leaves, adds an unmistakable look of autumn to your decor.

Size: 8 inches wide, with an inner diameter of 4.5".


(paid link) Thanksgiving Berry & Acorn Candle Ring

Give thanks by the light of a candle, wreathed in a ring of artificial berries and acorns.

The 10-inch ring accommodates a pillar candle, or votive glass, slightly less than 3 inches wide.


(paid link) Winter Candle Rings - 4-Piece Pack Silver

Encircle your Christmas pillar candles, or candle holders, with the luxurious silvery sparkle of berries, foliage and twigs.

Size: you will receive 4 candle ring wreaths, each with an inner diameter of about 10 cm/4 inch, and an outer diameter of about 25 cm/9.8 inches. A wonderful look for your winter wedding.


(paid link) 10" Holly & Berry Candle Ring

'Tis the season to be merry, 'tis the season for holly and berries.

Handcrafted with artificial holly leaves and bright red berries, this lifelike ring makes the perfect fit for a 3-inch candle. Overall diameter: 10 inches.

Easter egg candle rings - Set of 4

(paid link) 9.5" Easter Egg Candle Rings - Set of 4

Decorate for springtime, with a set of pastel colored wreaths. Each twiggy Easter wreath comes with 6 speckled Easter eggs in pastel shades of pink, blue and green and berries in spring colors of blue, green, yellow-green, cream, and pink.

The 9.5-inch wreaths make the ideal fit for your 3-inch pillar candles.

Easter pip berry candle wreaths - Set of 4

(paid link) Easter Pip Berry Candle Wreaths - Set of 4

Celebrate Easter and the resurrection of all things. Candle rings, bursting with multicolored pip berries, add a festive farmhouse atmosphere to your spring decor.

You'll receive a set of 4 spring candle rings, each measuring 11 cm/4.3 inches on the outside; 6 cm/2.36 on the inside.