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How to Create Easy Floating Candle Arrangements

Why do candles float in water? It's all to do with density - despite the high concentration of carbon atoms, (surrounded by hydrogen atoms), which makes up candle wax, these particles are more loosely packed together than the oxygen atoms, found in water. Hence, the unstoppable buoyancy of the floating candle!

What to put in your floating candle centerpieces? Line the bottom of a bowl with decorative stones, multi-colored mini river rocks, marbles, etc. Set flowers, petals and leaves adrift between the candles, for a divine miniature indoor pond effect. Fill floating candle vases with layers of natural or glass stones in the base, silk flowers next, and candles on top. Get more decorating ideas below.

Candles floating in water create a magical mood of calm celebration. Ideal for the formal tables at your wedding reception; equally eye-catching in informal arrangements around your home. Floating candle lights shimmer with a serene sense of otherworldly enchantment.

What Flowers Float Best in Water?

Floral bowl centerpieces - aglow with floating candles - create a natural sense of tranquillity. Dense flower heads, with multiple layers of wide petals, make ideal floaters. Below is a list of the best floating flowers:

Floating orchid flowers and candles


Do It Yourself Floating Candle Displays:

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Floating tealight candle holders - 12-piece pack

(paid link) Floating Tealight Candle Holders - 12-Piece Pack

Can tealight candles float? Yes, they can, thanks to these handly little holders.

Light up your party venue, with a dozen floating tealight holders. The clear glass holders, made of durable borosilicate, look magical, drifting around in bowls of water, or floating in a fountain.

Size: Diameter - 24 cm , Height - 6.5 cm.

Set of 3 different size long stem candle holders

(paid link) Set of 3 Different Size Long stem Candle Holders

Tired of cleaning up wax spills? Stick your candles into this stylish trio, and enjoy drip-free candlelight.

Each set contains 3 elegant glasses, made of crystal glass. Grouped together, the different size holders make a dramatic centrepiece. You can use these versatile candlesticks for tealight, votive and floating candles.

Heights: 7.87"/20cm; 9"/23cm; 10.2"/26cm


(paid link) Pearl Bead Vase Fillers for Valentine's Day

Show your love this Valentine's Day. Fill your own vases with red and pink heart shapes ornaments; put candles on top, and you've created a fun and flirty atmosphere for your special day.

Every pack contains 5 big hearts, 10 medium hearts, 10 small hearts, in each color. 70 pink and red pearls in three assorted sizes; 20000 water gel beads, to float the decorations in.


(paid link) Rose Shaped LED Candles - 5 Pieces

Set your pool or pond aglow with a bunch of rose shaped LED lights. The flameless candles cycle through 6 colors, as they float: red, blue, amber, green, pink, and purple. The water activated candles light up automatically, as soon as they touch the water.

Size: about 6.5 x 4cm for each candle.

Floating candle in cut glass dish

Simple, but eye-catchingly effective...

Float a candle in a cut-or-pressed-glass dish, (dessert dishes often come in amazingly decorative designs). As the candle drifts around, it casts moving patterns of light and shade onto your surroundings. Quite a mesmerizing sight at night...especially if you line a number of bowls up on a long table, with a glass pane underneath.

Line the base of the dish with a layer or two of coloured glass stones, for extra decorative appeal.


(paid link) Brass Urli Flower & Candle Bowl For Diwali

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with flowers and candles. Made in the traditional way, from hammered brass, the urli bowl shows floral patterns, embossed onto the sides. Fill the bowl with flowers and floating candles, and let the festivities begin.

Dimensions: diameter - 24 cm; height - 6.5 cm.


(paid link) Thanksgiving Vase Fillers

Set your Thanksgiving tables ablaze with glowing vases, filled with fall-colored pearls and candles.

Each set of 56 pearls and 60 small mixed leaves also includes 8 white floating candles and 2000 clear hydrogel beads, enough to create a festival of fall color on several tables.


(paid link) Floating Maple Leaf Candles

Set your dinner table for Thanksgiving, with bowls of water, and a set of "fallen leaves", floating within them. The leaf shaped candles come in typical fall colors of orange, brown and burgundy.

Size: the unscented candles measure about 3" wide x 1" high.


(paid link) Christmas Themed Candle Vase Decorations

Decorate your Christmas party tables in traditional style. Fill tall vases with classic holiday decorations: faux pine branches, with holly berries, pine cones and green plant decorations create festive displays, with white candles on top.

The package contains 6 sets of decorations, and 1 bag of transparent gels beads, (in which to float the decorations.)