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Decorate with Flower Shaped Candles

Love floral arrangements with candles? But don't want the hassle of fresh flowers? Use candles that look like flowers, to get the floral effects you seek.

Candlelight bouquets with scented or unscented wax flowers look astonishingly natural. Vibrant colours, and lifelike shapes, give these candle sculptures a true touch of nature.

Set your tables with an authentic garden party theme: display freestanding flower bouquet candles in the centre...stick flower shape tealight candles into a votive a wide-petalled candle onto each guest's plate. Simply stunning!

Ideas for Flower Design Candles:

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Flower shaped smiley face birthday cake candles - Set of 5

(paid link) Flower Shaped Smiley Face Birthday Cake Candles - Set of 5

Bring a smile to your birthday guests' faces. A bunch of flower design candles, each decorated with a smiley face, add a feeling of festivity to a large cake, or a selection of smaller cup cakes.

Each pack contains 5 candles with sticks, made of non-toxic wax - remove the wax drips from the cake, and you can enjoy delicious mouthfuls, quite safely.

Red scented rose ball candle

(paid link) Red Scented Rose Ball Candle

Artfully crafted by hand from environmentally friendly soy waxes, this candle adds the look of romance to your bedroom, to your living room, on a mantel, etc. Embossed with exquisite roses, the deep red candle exudes the fragrance of rose flowers.

The ball candle measures 4 x 4 inch/(10 x 10cm) and burns for more than 6 hours.

Rose scented candle in glass jar with lid

(paid link) Rose Scented Candle in Glass Jar with Lid

Need a gift for a girl? This jar candle pleases lovers of candles and flowers, of all ages. The glass, filled with pink wax, and decorated with pink and lilac wax roses and leaves, makes the complete gift. It comes with a bamboo lid, printed with a beautiful flower and butterfly design. She can arrange the loose wax pieces as she likes.

The candle measures approximately 3.6 inches in height and 3.2 inches in width.

Pastel stylized tulip candles - Set of 3

(paid link) Pastel Stylized Tulip Candles - Set of 3

Decorate a room with the cool pastels of typical Danish style decor. These stylized flowers - shaped like tulips - measure approximately 5 x 6 x 2.5 cm/2 x 2.4 x 1 inches each. The candle trio comes in pink, white and yellow colors, and feature a variety of different scents.

Burn time: 1 - 2 hours.

Tulip bunch scented glass jar gift candle

(paid link) Tulip Bunch Scented Glass Jar Gift Candle

Give her a bouquet of tulip flowers, she can take with her wherever she goes. This glass jar candle travels well. She'll love the bunch of pale pink tulip flowers, standing on their pale green stems, scented with the natural aroma of flowers.

The candle measures 2.6"W x 3.2"H, and burns for an estimated 10-12 hours.

Tulip shaped candles - Set of 4 assorted colors

(paid link) Tulip Shaped Candles - Set of 4 Assorted Colors

Make springtime last all-year-round...realistic replicas of the classic spring flowers, these tulip shaped candles enchant with four fabulous flavors: freesia, chamomile, white peach oolong, and lavender. The set of 4 candles come in white, yellow, pink and lilac colors.

Size: each candle measures 1.57 inch wide x 1.77 inches tall.

Mixed flower shaped tealights - Set of 10

(paid link) Mixed Flower Shaped Tealights - Set of 10

Decorating for an English-style tea party? Fill a tealight candelabra with a garden of flower scented candles. Made by a talented Thai artist, the set contains 10 tealights, in a variety of flower shapes and colors. The ideal way of bringing the romance of candlelight to your special get-together.

Each tea candle measures 1.5 x 4cm.