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Add Zest to Your Dècor with Candles Shaped like Fruit

Tantalize your taste buds with candles that look like fruit.

Set your dining room table for a candlelit dinner, with a mouthwatering arrangement of candle fruits in the centre. Wish your visitors a warm welcome with the pineapple shape, a classic symbol of hospitality.

Decorating a birthday party? Fruit shaped tea light candles - or fruit candles-on-sticks - make fun toppers for birthday cakes. Children, (and the eternally young-at-heart), love the bright colours, yummy scents, and cute shapes.

Take a beautifully gift-boxed candle - a shapely pear, a glossy apple, a dimpled orange - to that kitchen tea, or end-of-the-year party. Sure to please the most discerning hostess!

Ideas for Luscious Candles with Fruit Shapes:

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Strawberry shaped flower scented candles - Set of 8

(paid link) Strawberry Shaped Flower Scented Candles - Set of 8

Summer's party time...decorate that outdoor picnic, or indoor event, with these cute summer fruits. You'll receive a set of two packs, each containing 4 red candles, with the shape and size, (about 1.2 x 1.6 inches), of a real authentic strawberry.

The scented candles feature flower smells - 4 with a freesia fragrance; 4 with a bluebell fragrance.

Set of 6 assorted fruit shaped candles

(paid link) Set of 6 Assorted Fruit Shaped Candles

Need the perfect gift for a special person? How about a 6-piece pack of delicious fruit shaped candles? Each candle set arrives safely packed and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.

Each set contains a lemon, a lime, a bunch of bananas, a tangerine, a peach, and one other fruit shape. Don't expect realistic colors for these candle fruits, they come in an array of fantasy shades, like e.g. an ice-cream-pink peach.

Citrus fruit candles - Set of 6 tangerines

(paid link) Citrus Fruit Candles - Set of 6 Tangerines

Surprise the girls in your life with a set of realistic citrus fruit candles. The candles resemble ripe naartjies, (mandarins or tangerines).

Each pack contains 6 candles, 3 large and 3 small. Made of soy wax, the scented candles feature a natural plant fragrance.

Size: 5.8cm


(paid link) Raspberry Ice Cream Candle in a Dessert Bowl

This dessert candle looks good enough to eat - a bowl filled with ice cream, and raspberry fruits, makes a colorful centerpiece for a dessert buffet table, your kitchen, or dining room table.

The 10.4 oz candle-in-a-glass smells of blackcurrant, lemon, Yingwei root and Violet. Also available in French Vanilla, Cream coffee and Shengsi Tea fragrances.


(paid link) Fruit scented Banana Pudding Jar Candle

Tuck into a creamy bowl of banana pudding. The fruit scented candle, filled with "banana slices", comes in a lovely square glass with rounded corners. Once you've savored the delights of the candle, the glass jar is yours, to make use of, forevermore.

Size: 2.5" wide x 3.4" high.


(paid link) Blue Strawberry Ice Cream Shaped Scented Candle

After a hardworking year, you deserve some romance. Treat your friends and family to this classic combo, or spoil yourself, for a change...a candle shaped like a strawberry ice cream dessert, with a heart shaped aquamarine semi-precious stone, makes a great gift set for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any romantic occasion.

The blue strawberry candle measures about 4.5 x 7cm. The aquamarine stone symbolizes courage, and infuses your surroundings with calming energies.


(paid link) Canned Blackberries Candle

Enjoy the longburning flavor of cinnamon, in an evocative candle, shaped like tinned blackberries.

Made of 100% vegetable wax with cotton wicks, this candle burns for more than 30 hours.

Dimensions: 4" diameter x 2" high (10 x 5 cm), a handy size for your travels.


(paid link) Lemon Shaped Candles

Get the rid of the musty odors of winter, with the refreshing fragrance of a set of candles, shaped and scented just like lemon fruits.

Each 5.5 x 6.5cm/ 2.17 x 2.6" candles burns for about 4 - 6 hours.


(paid link) Strawberry Shaped Candles - Set of 12

Enjoy the novelty of a romantic dinner for two, lit only by a dozen strawberry shaped candles.

Each package includes 12 x strawberry scented candles, realistically shaped, textured and colored.

Size of each candle: about 1.2 x 1.6 inches/ 3 x 4 cm.


(paid link) Apple Shaped Candles - Boxed Set

You'll be the apple of her eye, if you present her with these apple design candles for Christmas. With true-to-life shapes, and realistically streaked, these candles are hard to tell from the real thing.

The perfect pair comes in a gift box. The larger one burns for 7 hours, the smaller one for 5 hours.


(paid link) Gift Boxed Scented Strawberry Candles

A decorative gift box, filled with luscious "strawberries", makes a romantic gift for Christmas or Valentine's. Each set includes two red and two pink strawberry shaped candles.

Each candle measures 3 x 4cm / 1.2 x 1.6" tall, and burns with a natural strawberry fragrance.


(paid link) Assorted Fruit Shaped Candles

Create a fun and fantastically fruity look, with a set of unscented fruit candles - a juicy orange, a tropical banana, a refreshing peach, zesty lemon and lime, and sweet pear become the life and soul of any summer party.

The 6 candles come individually wrapped, and packed in a sturdy cardboard box.