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Decorating Your Special Occasions with Artificial Flowers and Candles

The term "faux flowers" often carries a negative connotation. Not surprising, when you remember the lifelessness of the fake plastic flowers of yesteryear.

Modern silk flower candle rings display a delicate craftsmanship, rarely seen before. Nothing compares with the sight, smell and velvety texture of fresh flowers...but high quality floral ring arrangements make worthy imitations of real life. Variegated petals, and veined leaves, add a natural look to synthetic flowers.

Wreaths with silk flowers form superb table decorations for wedding receptions. Decorate all your special occasions, on the cheap, with bulk sets of wholesale candle ring centerpieces.

Ideas for Spring Candle Rings:

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Pair of 13
(paid link) Pair of 13" Multicolored Flower Garden Wreaths for Pillar Candles

As the seasons change from spring to summer, you can refresh you decor with a pair of vibrant rings of lifelike blossoms that capture the beauty of real flowers. Two butterflies flutter joyfully around colorful garden wreaths filled with sunflowers, daisies and a delightful mix of seasonal flowers and foliage.

The rings measure 13 inches in diameter, and accommodate your favorite pillar candles with ease.


(paid link) 16" Nearly Natural Rose candelabrum

Light a candle to celebrate spring. And what better place to put your favorite pillar candle, than in the center of this "nearly natural" rose candelabrum.

Measuring a full 16 inches in diameter, this artificial flower centerpiece shows off a magical mix of full rose blooms, tender buds, twisty vines, and lush green leaves. A 3" x 5" dripless or battery-operated candle works well with this glass hurricane.

10-inch summer blooms and bumble bee candle ring

(paid link) 10-Inch Summer Blooms and Bumble Bee Candle Ring

Welcome summer with a brand-new look for your decor. A bumblebee happily buzzes around a summer garden of yellow, orange, pink, lilac and white flowers and ferns.

The ring measures 10 inches wide, and accommodates a pillar candle, candle vase, or hurricane candle, up to 4.5 inches wide.

23cm plastic dahlia wedding candle ring

(paid link) 23cm Plastic Dahlia Wedding Candle Ring

Grace your wedding table with the beauty of lifelike artificial flowers. Realistic dahlias, with creamy pink-tipped petals, add a look of matchless elegance to any bridal table.

The plastic candle ring measures 23cm in diameter.

Small pansy wreath for jar candles

(paid link) A Cheerful Giver Small Pansy Wreath for Jar Candles

Surround your favorite jar candle with an arrangement of pansies and spring florals. The buttercup yellow, burgundy and lilac flowers make a cheerful display on any dressing or living room table.

Size: the inner diameter measures 4.75 inches. You can stretch this handmade wreath to fit your desired candle size.

Pair of pillar candle rings with yellow daisies

(paid link) Pair of Pillar Candle Rings with Yellow Daisies

What says "It's springtime!" more brilliantly than a bunch of bright yellow daisies?

You'll receive a set of 2 candle rings, each measuring 10 inches in diameter. Fit a pair of pillar candles into their 3.25" centers, and welcome the changing of the seasons in sensational spring style.

Mixed pansy candle rings - Set of 2

(paid link) Mixed Pansy Candle Rings - Set of 2

Dress up your spring table in the splendor of silk. A set of two candle rings burst into bloom with pretty yellow and purple pansies mixed with lilac and pink flowers, interspersed with greenery.

Size: 13" diameter.


(paid link) Floral Candle Rings in Assorted Colours - Set of 5

Welcome the change of seasons, and the return of warmer days, with a medley of wreaths, in assorted spring colours. The rings of yellow, white, pink and lilac flowers make cheerful table centerpieces, with candles in their centres.

Size: 20cm (7.86") outer measurement; 8.00cm (3.14") inner measurement.


(paid link) Pair of 13-Inch Pansy Candle Rings

You know it's springtime, when the pansies begin to bloom. Dress up a table with these pretty rings of purple and yellow pansy blossoms, with candles in their centers.

The 13" rings will fit a pair of your favorite pillar candles, with seasonal flair.


(paid link) Mixed spring Flower Wreath for Jar Candles

Say goodbye to winter with a ring of mixed spring flowers, including pansies, in many different colours. This delightful ring measures 4.75" on the inner diameter, and makes the ideal fit for your favourite fragrant jar candle.


(paid link) Autumn Sunflower Candle Rings - 4-Piece Set

Add a happy holiday atmosphere to your large Thanksgiving candles, or candle holder displays. Cheerful sunflowers mix with maple leaves and berries, in a durable set of 4 autumn themed candle rings.

Size: 3.7 inches/ 9.5 cm in inner diameter; 11.8 inches/ 30 cm wide.


(paid link) Thanksgiving Candle Ring

Give your Thanksgiving tabletop the look of fall. The mixture of berries, maple leaves, black-eyed Susans and sunflower buds says "It's autumn" like no other.

The ring measures 11 inches wide, and fits a pillar candle.


(paid link) Gisela Graham 12cm Poinsettia & Pine Candle Ring

Add an authentic Xmas atmosphere to any tabletop, with a ring of poinsettias and pine. Put one on either side of your dining room table, fitted onto your favourite Christmas candlesticks, and dine in festive holiday style.

The wreath fits a pillar candle up to 7.5cm in diameter.


(paid link) Christmas Candlestick Rings - Set of 6

Dress up your tapers and tea lights with rings of blood-red Christmas flowers, artificial berries and pine cones. Each pack contains 6 of the festive candle rings.

The 17.5 cm/ 6.89 inch rings have a central diameter of about 7.5 cm/ 2.95 inches, the ideal size to add warmth and Xmas spirit to your holiday candlesticks.


(paid link) Gold Poinsettia Candle Rings - 10-Piece Set Including Candle Holders

All that glitters is all of your Christmas party decorating needs, with this set of 5 poinsettia flower rings, each with its own candle holder.

Size: the candle wreaths measure approx. 25 cm/ 10 inches in diameter, the candle holders measure approx. 6.7 x 5.5 cm x 2.64 x 2.17 inches.


(paid link) Advent Poinsettia Candle Wreath

Count down the days to Christmas, with a 4 candle advent wreath. Decorated with red berries, green cedar branches and ivory poinsettias, this wreath symbolizes good cheer and the happiness of the holidays.

Add your own taper advent candles, and make Christmas decorating a breeze.

Size: 13" diameter.


(paid link) Christmas Rose Candle Rings

Place one on either side of your Christmas dinner table, and feast on your festive favourites, accompanied by the romantic ambiance of roses.

The rings of red roses, touched up with glamourous gold, measure 12cm across, and feature 2.5cm openings...perfect for a set of Xmas dinner candles.