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How to Perfectly Center a Candle Wick

The problem of skewed, off center candle wicks mainly occurs while making container candles, or using your own found moulds, without a manufactured hole in the centre. This method helps you get correctly centered wicks when using cardboard moulds, or the plastic things found in your kitchen, such as yoghurt containers, and suchlike.

Proceed as follows:

Put your mould, open end down, on a piece of thin cardboard, or thick paper. Draw a line around it. Cut the shape out with a scissors, or craft knife. Fold the piece of paper in half, and in half once more, aligning the fold marks, made by the first folding. Make a hole where the lines cross, with a wicking needle.

For Container Candles::

1. Pour the candle.

2.When the wax is partially set, but still warm, stick your piece of paper over the top of the container.

3. Take a skewer, and stick it through the hole in the paper, into the wax, right through to the bottom of the container.

4. Insert your primed wick into the hole, and top up your candle, if necessary.

For moulded candles::

1. Draw an outline of the candle mould, on a piece of paper or board, as described above.

2. Cut out the shape.


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3. Hold the piece of paper over the opening of the mould.

4. Make a hole in the center, with a wicking needle.

5. Pull the stiff waxed wick through the hole, and tie it around a wicking needle or skewer stick. Pull it taut over the top of the mould.

6. Remove the piece of centering cardboard.

Does this sound like just too much hard work? Then rather use one of these wick centering devices, shown on the right. These tools help you place your wicks exactly in the middle of your candle molds.