Instructions for Bottle and Taper Candle Centerpiece    

Make a Unique Centerpiece with Candles and Bottles

Don't discard all of those bottles you've received, through the years, for birthday or Christmas presents. In your creative hands, they can enjoy a second life, as holders for taper candles.

Decorative bottles, such as those containing bath oils and salts, come in unusual shapes and sizes. With their tall and shapely designs, you can easily turn them into graceful candlesticks.

Bottle candle holders centerpieceYou'll need:
  • Clear glass bottles
  • Taper candles
  • Food coloring (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • A sheet of circular glass, or a flat mirrored candle platter


1. Soak the bottles in warm water until clean, and no oily residue remains. Dry them.

2. Fill each bottle with water.

3. Add drops of food colouring to each one gradually, until you achieve a strongly-tinted colour, but before the translucency of the water disappears. Creating a single-color display? Fill a separate jug, or lipped container, with water first, and tint to the required intensity. Pour into the bottles.

4. Arrange the bottles on your chosen surface.

5. Put a taper candle in each one.

Tip: how to make taper candles fit: place them in hot water for a minute or two. Push them firmly, but gently, into the bottle tops. Some tapers won't go in easily. Carve the ends to size with a sharp knife; work them over with a hot knife; melt them to size in a hot pan, or with a hot iron.

Lighting tip: position the candle-and-bottle arrangement in front of a lamp, or a well-lit white surface. This backlighting gives maximum effect to the colourful bottles.

Variations: get a beautiful effect by layering bath salts of various colours in the bottles. Add layers of different-coloured sand, if you like earth tones.
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