Instructions for Napkin Decorated Wine Glasses    

Decorate Wineglass Candle Holders
with Napkins and Ribbons

Candle glasses decorated with lime napkins and silver ribbons Make exciting candle centerpieces, by folding napkins around turned over wine glasses, and tying them with on with ribbons.

You'll need:
    • Wine glasses

    • Small silver cylinder candles

    • Lime-green paper napkins

    • Silver, metallic ribbon

    • Broad, lime-green organza ribbon, (optional)

  • Scissors


1. Cut a piece of silver ribbon for each glass about 80cms long (32").

2 napkin layers forming 8 points 2. Separate the napkin's 2 layers, (or use two separate fabric napkins). Place one layer on top of the other, turning it slightly, to form 8 points.

3. Place an upside-down glass into the napkin's center. Gather the napkin up around the glass's stem.

4. Tie the silver ribbon around. Tie a bow. Drag the scissors' edge over the ribbon's underside. This gives the ribbon extra curl.

5. Place a candle on the base, (now the top), of the glass.

6. Wind lengths of wide, gauzy ribbon around the glasses, on the tables, or other decorations of your choice.

Tip: these versatile candle holders can be adapted for any occasion. Use colorful paper napkins for festive birthdays, or informal parties, and fabric or cloth napkins for weddings, or formal occasions.
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