Viscous candle waxes | Decrease brittleness | Increase flexibility    

How to Increase Candle Wax Viscosity

Do you want to make paraffin wax less brittle? Or create a moldable wax for creative candles? Here are some ways to achieve this easily, using wax softeners.

Make a softer, more pliable candle wax: add beeswax to paraffin wax. 1-2% gives a gorgeous-smelling, better-burning candle, which still separates from the mould easily enough. Using more than 10% beeswax necessitates a mold release. Use a wick one size larger when adding beeswax, otherwise your candles will burn down the middle, with a too-small flame.

Create a moldeable wax: add microcrystalline waxes (Micro Tacky or Workable Micro). Add these to candle waxes in minute quantities (usually ½%). It produces a flexible candle wax, for easy shaping. Use this to form leaf, floral and other shapes, etc. Create your own unique candles with these applied decorations.

Microcrystalline waxes do NOT all produce the same results. Some create a harder wax, (which you don't want in this case). You will have to consult with your wax supplier to get specific product information.


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